Generate AI-written content with a touch of human emotion.

What if you could create conversion-driven sale copies, blog posts, Newsletters, and SMS messages such that no one can tell it apart from human-written content?

Who is Aquila?

Aquila is an advanced AI copywriting assistant that generates high-quality content for you. She makes human-like predictions based on pre-trained ML models.

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    Write niche-relevant blog posts in seconds

    All you need to do is tell Aquila just a few lines of your idea and she will write you the details from A to Z.

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    Email marketing at your fingertips

    With over 70+ use cases, Aquila can write Emails, Newsletters, and SMS messages with sale conversion in mind.

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    50+ languages supported Globally

    Cut the language barrier crap by generating content in your preferred language. No more copy/pasting of English texts into translators.

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    Who says AI lacks human emotion?

    Unlike most AI copywriters, Aquila's got 80+ convo tones ranging from Formal to Sarcastic and more; each with a touch of human emotion.

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    User-friendly interface for you

    Nothing beats simplicity with ease of use even to non-tech savvy users, Aquila comes in handy.

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    Team mode is going live (March 1, 2023)

    Our team is working assiduously on the "team mode" feature. Chat and make calls while working with others on the same content concurrently.

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    Scalable budget-friendly pricing

    See, the value here is this: break the barrier to profitable content marketing without compromising quality.

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    Simple Pricing

    Begin with Starter plan and scale with the Premium plan.

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    • 100,000 words per month
    • Lite beginner-friendly plan
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    *Limited time only

    • 500,000+ words per month
    • Suitable for growth-hacking
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All the answers that you may ask

    Aquila is an advanced AI copywriter trained to generate high-quality content, using NLP/ML models.
    Example title: How to Invest in Real Estate in Ohio. Example prompt: Tell me how to invest in real estate in Ohio
    Yes, you will have to login to your dashboard and claim your 3000 trial credits. To deter free trial abusers, please understand that the trial credits now cost $5.
    To add more credits, please go to Dashboard->Subscription and place an order from your Aquila Dashboard
    Credit/debit card. If you would like to pay in crypto, you have to please submit a request via Support.
    One credit will generate one word. So 100,000 credits = 100,0000 words
    Yes, all unused credits rollover to the next billing cycle. So you will never lose your credits in the next month even if you didn't use them up this month.
    Yes, because we don't want the unbearable market price of our competitors to deter you from profitable content marketing while maintaining the utmost value: cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.
    Yes, to purchase more than 500k credits, you will have to request this from Support.
    It may take longer than 30 sec. to generate content if you entered a few texts as a prompt or you recently generated content in a language that was different from your new language selection without refreshing the page before the new generation. To solve this, simply refresh the web page to start afresh.
    Yes. you can see/copy up to the latest 100 content you had generated, go to your dashboard and click History.
    Aquila supports all major languages including English, French, German, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Latin, and up to about 50 languages.

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    It takes less than 15 minutes.

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